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"They" can do a 9/11 every month and they still wouldn't kill more people than the failure to provide adequate influenza vaccination to the at-risk parts of the American population. And let's not even start on all the people in third-world countries who are killed by a lack of readily available influenza vaccine programs - a lack that is in no small part a result of IMF (read: US State Department) and WTO (read: Bruxelles and State Department) policy and general European colonial mismanagement.

European and American governments wanting to get back at people who kill European and American citizens is all well and good, but it rings decidedly hollow when those same governments are unwilling to spend a small fraction of the effort to solve eminently solvable problems that kill far more people, but don't allow one to flood the airwaves with pictures of tanks, cruise missiles and fighter jets (or phosphor bomb a city or two in the service of Halliburton...).

As an aside, it is not the case that the Iraqi people has "turned away Al Qaeda," because Al Qaeda was never there in the first place and never established an operational command structure there, as far as anybody has been able to tell. "Al Qaeda in Iraq" is a local militia who wanted a name that sounds big and scary. We've undoubtedly got gangs in Copenhagen that call themselves "Al Qaeda in Denmark" - heck, they may even think of themselves as Fedayeen. But I can pretty much guarantee you that there are no genuine (active) Al Qaeda operatives in Copenhagen.

(The city is so full of utterly unprotected sabotage targets that any reasonably determined terrorist with a multiple-digit IQ could blow some shit up in a pretty spectacular way with less than a month of preparation. If there were active professional terrorists in Copenhagen, something would be a smoking crater right now...)

- Jake

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