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"Ignorance of the law is no excuse."

Generally it's applied, if you can believe this, to TRAFFIC LAW.

I believe it is also applicable to moral law.

It's difficult for me to go this far out on this ledge, but...

If you're in the military and you're fighting this "war," just how culpable ARE you, morally speaking? I mean, I know the general population of humankind isn't all that full-up on intellect, but...

This war is WRONG. It is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

SO just how culpable ARE all these TROOPS we all say we "support?"

I feel bad for them, I do. They're fucked. But a lot of them are fucking GUNG HO, MOTHERFUCKER. They're GLAD TO BE SERVING THEIR COUNTRY.

Well, is it not incumbent upon them as moral human beings to ask of themselves, "Just what am I DOING here? Just what does this SERVICE to my country ENTAIL, and isn't the 'My country, RIght or WROng' motto a morally flawed one?"

Because, goddamn, man, we as a species have been here long enough to be held accountable for not having LEARNED these lessons by now.

If I can't rant, I don't want to be part of your revolution

by Maryscott OConnor (myleftwing@gmail.com) on Fri Sep 5th, 2008 at 08:01:40 PM EST
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