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The first thing I recall is our discussion in your Blogging and politics in Germany - bits of a Spiegel article diary. So the German Blogospehrre begins to make waves.

I think the screaming is okay for now, it's overblown, but with the small influence of blogs, it wasjust right for the right result.

I note I only learnt of the affair from your this afternoon, but from what I read up on it (mainly blog entries that were part of the 'screaming'), I'm left with an impression closer to your moderate interpretation.

the establishment media, which is mostly made up of people who have experienced the cold war.

I'm not so sure. The current thirty-forty-something elite were only children and youngsters during the Cold War, so unless they cared of politics from a young age, it's legend for them, too. Meanwhile, the real media Old Guard should also remember the special attention to the Kreml at least from Brandt. Uncompromising isolate-Russia Atlanticism would have been more the thing of Franz-Josef Strauß, not the entire political establishment (even if the same Freedom Fighter Strauß liked to come to Hungary to hunt in the woods with the local 'communist' dictator).

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by DoDo on Mon Sep 8th, 2008 at 04:30:46 PM EST

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