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J Street has issued a statement, showing itself to be much more critical of the Israeli government than most of the U.S. press, let alone the traditional Jewish lobbying groups.
We are pragmatists grounded in the real world and the lessons it teaches.  As such - and as avid supporters of Israel - we are asking whether the specific actions taken by Israel in Gaza actually do advance Israel's and America's interests.  In this case, J Street believes they do not.  We believe that the actions taken this week - disproportionate to the threat and escalatory in nature - will be seen, with time, as counterproductive.  They will further isolate Israel and the US internationally, deepen hatred among the Palestinian and Israel peoples, foment extremism throughout the Arab world and undercut the position of more moderate Arab regimes


J Street believes the only option at this point for Israel and the U.S. is to work urgently and immediately to achieve a ceasefire now that stops the violence, ends the rockets and eases the blockade of Gaza, rather than allowing a ground campaign to proceed.  Perhaps if similar calls had been made - and heeded - in the first week of the Lebanon War in 2006, much of the damage and loss in the conflict could have been avoided.

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