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I stopped reading at some point when it was evident that this guy is proposing the South African Afrikaaner solution to the IP conflict: bantustans for the Palestinians living surrounded by IDF, presumably, while Israelis take the remaining land and presumably would just annex the Palestinian territories. The US pays off the 5 million Palestinian refugees and they change their ethnic identity into the country they happen to be. UNWRA disappears, an impediment. Jerusalem? And what about the bantustans? Palestinians become, as Blacks did in South Africa, cheap labor for Israel.

So it is Greater Israel uber alles; most Palestinians disappear.

If I were a Palestinian living in Britain, I'd give this puke the two finger sign; if I were living in the US, I'd give him the third finger.

Waste of time.

by shergald on Tue Jan 6th, 2009 at 03:17:43 PM EST
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