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First, one has to define what one means by Jordan's "interests". The King has interests, but are they same as the population at large?

Second, Jordan is one of the places without oil, which means that it is on the losing end of the current arbitrary arrangement of sovereign states.

Third, difficulties with integration is why I'm suggesting a new type of "special administrative district" for the west bank.

Finally, Palestinian hopes from then have been modified by years of new experience, all of them bad for their cause. The new generation may not be as wedded to impossible aims as was the prior one.

Cultivating moderates and educating people to be more cosmopolitan may not solve everything, but can be a step on the way.

A century ago Italians and Irish immigrants to the US were regarded with suspicion (especially since most were Roman Catholics), but they are now "real" Americans along with the English protestants who preceded them. Place and environment change affiliations as time progresses.

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