Welcome to European Tribune. It's gone a bit quiet around here these days, but it's still going.
Sounds interesting.

One suggestion though, as ETpedia has lower visibility then ET and wikis appears to have a higher threshold for new users then blogs I would recomend that you use ET as discussion center and ETpedia as draft center (if that makes sense).

ETpedia is also down right now

Etpedia has a problem

(Can't contact the database server: No database connection)

but I am sure a technical solution will come along as long as the demand is there :)

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by A swedish kind of death on Tue Oct 6th, 2009 at 04:19:12 AM EST
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Using blog and wiki in your way is the general idea. If you have nail use a hammer. With a screw think again ...

So I added some stuff to the ETpedia page.
To summarize it:

  • The growth addiction of our economy is bad.
  • Mainstream economists say growth is necessary because of increasing productivity.
  • So I try to show with some simple equations that this wrong.
  • Hinting that perhaps a more complex model is necessary.

Schau in mich, Harno

Make it as simple as possible but not simpler (Albert Einstein)
by harnoes on Tue Oct 6th, 2009 at 10:47:50 AM EST
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