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If someone is leaving the pool "indebted" (with no realistic possibility to sit out), he/she will be asked to compensate in some way. The Capitol Hill Baby-Sitting Co-op participants were lawyers and other high fruits of Washington, you know.

The scrip/coupon system is an attractive alternative to direct accounting because of no need of checking balances and spreadsheets. So "baroqueness" is a factor in the co-op design. How is your system an improvement on simple bookkeeping?

Isn't it harder to imagine a baby-sitting recession or inflation in a simple bookkeeping system? It is funny then how introduction of "mediator" paper coupons changes behavior of participants.

As any administrative instrument, introduction and control of "wonderful" measures could be managed to do some good for a baby-sitting society, and could be managed to make things more horrible than necessary :-]

by das monde on Tue Nov 17th, 2009 at 02:19:11 AM EST
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