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Even read late, it still makes for a moving tribute to a giant thinker.

Glad to have you around kcurie - otherwise I probably would not have heard about Levi-Strauss until the day the mortuaries hit the papers. It's a common way for me to find out about astonishing people and writers through their deaths. (For instance, I got to know the works of Joseph Heller and Paul Bowles because they passed away.) Similarly, Levi-Strauss' passing has made me aware of "Tristes Tropiques" - which I of course haven't read. Hope they'll feature it now in the bookstores.

Still, the surprise last week was that he was still alive... I had no idea.

More myths please!

by Nomad on Mon Nov 9th, 2009 at 05:28:24 AM EST

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