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its axioms are based on mind reading that I don't agree with

No. My reading is based on what Obama has and hasn't done, considering what he has implied, or, at least, has allowed people to believe.  I never believed that he would do all of the things he implied, have always feared that he would turn out to be just what he now seems to me to be, but I hoped for the best as he was the best hope. Certainly better than McCain and Palin. So far I don't see that he has done much to applaud, except not be Bush. He has not led. He has held himself aloof from the fray. Where he has engaged too often it has been to preemptively cede ground to opponents, such as the insurance industry, big pharmaceutical companies, the executives of TBTF banks, etc. Such evidence as there is from his actions tends to confirm that he aligns himself with the interests of the business elite.

I will be only too glad to be proven wrong, but by now it is up to Obama and his administration to demonstrate that they understand the seriousness of the problems facing us and are serious about addressing them regardless of the consequences to their own careers or re-election prospects. Continuing to wait for him to take actions that we would like to think he supports absent any evidence that he will do so seems to me to be the way religious believers behave. In Shia Islam, The Twelvers believe that Ali, the Twelveth Imam, didn't really die but is just hiding, waiting for the right time to return---for twelve hundred years! The "Obama wants to do the right thing" crowd is not YET quite that bad.  But for myself, I will await deeds, not wondrous rhetoric.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."

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As I've said, I'm waiting. The economy hasn't crashed, the stock market is holding, the standard of living is on a glide path to making a soft landing, prices are pretty stable, no terrorist attacks, health care plodding along. Health care is a BIG deal for us. People in Europe may not realize what fun it is to worry that getting sick will drive you to destitution.

As a military dependent with a Marine Corps son, I follow the military, and I think Obama's fighting the military AND defense contractors to a draw right now, and I think the effort is to trade arms production for green production. Same profits, but its jobs. The transition would be best with overlap, because it would be more jobs.

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The economy hasn't crashed,

For certain values of "crash."

the stock market

For certain values of "market."

is holding,

For certain values of "holding." Or, perhaps more accurately, for a certain amount of holding taxpayer dollars that could have been spent on more productive things.

the standard of living is on a glide path to making a soft landing,

For certain values of "soft," "landing" and "glide."

prices are pretty stable,

For certain values of "pretty."

no terrorist attacks,

For certain values of "terrorist."

health care plodding along.

Turning one corner after another, I gather. At this rate, y'all will go all the way around the block by the midterms. Then all that will be left will be catching up to where you are now...

Really, while we all love the smell of fabric softener dew on freshly mowed astroturf, this is getting a little tiresome.

- Jake

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