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Been there, done that.

Reading doesn't necessarily imply comprehending or valuing.
Is our law the best law?

This is an absurd response. Our laws are our laws. Were we to decide that laws deriving from Roman Law and The Code Napoleon are better, we would have to turn the society upside down to transition to those laws. Your response is a flippant invitation to anarchy or tyranny.
Does it scale to international terrorism?

Traditional law enforcement procedures have, over the last decade, proven much more effective than the lawless authoritarianism instituted by Bush and continued by the great Constitutional scholar Obama, who apparently would take law from opinion polls. One thing is apparent: the road down which Bush started is far worse than any constitutional process he could have followed. The Bush-Cheney-Gonzalez approach will likely, in time, be shown to have been part of a strategy of executive absolutism that further eroded constitutional rule in the USA. If Obama HAD any real principles, he would not be able to abide this and would have encouraged the investigation and prosecution of at least some of the miscreants.

"It is not necessary to have hope in order to persevere."
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