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There is a strong meme in the world, spread by a very clever man, that the umma can be restored, the insults of invasion, domination and dismissal remedied, and Islam continue on its course of redeeming the world.

The UN, NATO and world courts cannot act quickly enough to stop its spread. BECAUSE the legal methods will not work, extralegal methods must be used, and that is the basis I argue on, not some utopian ideal.

True, it would be nice if Bin Laden hadn't _, and Russians hadn't _, and the UN had _ (fill in the blanks.) but here we are with a trillion dollars worth of weapons and a billion angry people who think we're dissing them.

Rather than dither, and compromise spinelessly, the US is acting. We're in an existential situation. It's easy for Europeans to explain to the cop on the beat that he's being too crude in his remedies, but he's working in the rough neighborhood their tragedy of the commons created.

It's at this point I realize how very small tweaks to a viewpoint can change it from liberal to reactionary.

I like neither. But these facts don't have liberal bias. For too long the liberals have presumed a Blank Slate. They prescribed, and acted (when they acted at all) as if promises of ponies would make everyone nice.

Now, we're dealing with the fallout. A little bit of bloodymindedness would have been a help, but now we're going to need a big hit of bloodymindedness.

Rwanda, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Phillipines, ... on and on. Ponies for everyone. You betcha.

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by ormondotvos (ormond.otvosnospamgmialcon) on Thu Dec 24th, 2009 at 04:06:10 AM EST
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