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There is a strong meme in the world, spread by a very clever man, that the umma can be restored, the insults of invasion, domination and dismissal remedied, and Islam continue on its course of redeeming the world.

The UN, NATO and world courts cannot act quickly enough to stop its spread.

The only way that sort of works is by lumping together a multitude of local movements and people with local grievances into one monolithic islamofascistic whole. In other words by making things up.


We're in an existential situation.

That being?


Now, we're dealing with the fallout. A little bit of bloodymindedness would have been a help, but now we're going to need a big hit of bloodymindedness.

Are you seriously suggesting that the US lacked bloodymindedness?

by generic on Thu Dec 24th, 2009 at 10:20:22 AM EST
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