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"lumping together a multitude of local movements and people with local grievances into one monolithic islamofascistic whole."

Worked for the colonies of Great Britain in 1776.
Worked for Hitler. Works for Bin Laden. Worked for Martin Luther. Not Islamofascism, but gathering the unhappy into a large screaming suicidal mass doesn't seem that hard. Sarah Palin comes to mind.

The real question is the level of grievance: poverty, education, health, hope. Tamin Aswary is good on this.

"Existential situation?"

Perhaps you missed the combination of energy prices, crashed housing market, bleeding of the economy into the world police force and don't forget total lifestyle greed that's dismantling the USA.

Which segues nicely into bloodymindedness. Not by the USA, but by Europe, which has sunk into impotence and dependency as its political correctness causes serious floundering about culture, ethnicity, and immigration.

Unwilling to make the effort to preserve its various national ethnicities, and unwilling to take a stand about what culture really is, and what it's based on, it's setting itself up for a battle of civilizations in each major city slum, and some entire nations.

Bloodymindedness has a meaning for me: it's the ability to act instead of denying the pressure of time in reality. The opposite is dithering, of course.

Sometimes you have to make up your mind. Israel comes to mind.

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