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Hi, Jerome. We met you at YearlyKos.

Sorry to offend, but I speak my mind. I note that the dismissing isn't on a factual basis, but by reference to the constant "refutation" so I guess someone will supply a link to the FAQ about how everything is all right. The banlieus, slums, Turkey v. secular, Hungary, British racism, Germany v guest workers, Italy v itself, Spain v ETA, right wing parties springing up. And the global economic interactions seem to be hovering on the edge.

What I see in Europe, and yes, I've visited, is the same political paralysis of analysis I see in Berkeley and San Francisco, which I've been actively following since 1960.

Yes, technical solutions are wonderful, but Copenhagen wasn't very hopeful, and we're reacting, not pro-acting, and in that situation, you're possibly doing a holding action until chaos throws you a curve ball you can't hit.

It's not that Europe doesn't mean well. It's that after a certain level of governmental funk is reached, the malleable mob turns to the Man on the White Horse. I'd love to follow Candide, but reality has been my guide so far.

I guess the applicable quote is Adlai Stevenson, who, when someone from an election crowd yelled out "All us intellectuals will vote for you, Adlai!" quipped back:

"Yes, but I need more than 20%!"

So I'm always looking for that insight into the mob that translates all these wonderful ideas into legislation that beats the shortsighted corporations. It's always Golem we're battling, it seems.

Merry Christmas. Keep up the good work. Maybe my kid will be installing windmills soon. Be more fun than fighting in Iraq...

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by ormondotvos (ormond.otvosnospamgmialcon) on Fri Dec 25th, 2009 at 02:19:13 PM EST
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