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No. The US Congress "screwed" the G77. And Mr Obama was its messenger. The anglophone press wants to indict the intransigence of China, India, and Brazil on acquiescing limitation on and verification of GHG emissions by EU Council stooges. This indictment is intended to disguise the conspicuous absence of reciprocity tendered by so-called developed nations. Singh and Wen have tossed around the word "sovereignty" a lot since Westworld began sucking the life out of the "meaningful agreement." Lula has to pay for the Olympics and may as well be protecting interests of Brazil RE owners in REDD windfall: not surprising. I don't know what the fuck SA has to do with anything other than pitching relief for Zenawi. Black faces, high places, blah blah, mining, blah blah. I'll have to investigate that angle.

More interesting, will Morales et al. extort REDD rents from petroleum sequestration?

I expect there will be reading about "south-south" trade pacts --financed by China-- regardless of how the Westworld spin on COP.x plays out. There's always Gaddafi though and ....DESERTEC!! bwahahahaha

I'd read the draft proposal if I were you, particularly items 4, 5, 12. G77 initially attempted to broker 1.5 degrees. Then Morales doubled down --ha!-- the day before Buh Weet's visitation. You remember that play, surely.

What a crew...

Diversity is the key to economic and political evolution.

by Cat on Mon Dec 21st, 2009 at 02:41:54 PM EST
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