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We were born seventeen years and a day apart! My birthday is on the 23rd. Given that our wedding anniversary is on the 21st we have a lot of events all grouped together.  I was distracted and uninspired, so I did not do a birthday diary or even a comment, but cannot resist commenting on yours!

While in Tuscon I used to get tamarindos at Nogales and we would use them to make a tea. In various Los Angeles homes I had tangarines, lemons, Valencia and Navel oranges, quince and avocados. It would almost be worth building a conservatory so that I could have home grown tropical fruits again. I sometimes make a strawberry and papaya garnish to serve over barbequed chicken. The chicken is basted with a honey-jalapeno glaze. Yum.

Belated happy birthday.

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Thanks.  I have truly developed this into a passion.  There is something really special about consuming what one has produced.  

...and I can't wait for my [valencia] mango tree to reach maturity.

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by maracatu on Thu Dec 24th, 2009 at 03:12:12 PM EST
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