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The plot deepens and the eerie similarities go much further:

I am in fact also a follower of Fourier. Well, okay, a different Fourier, but still. At the very least I seem to be using his transform a lot.

As for which character I am: I have read only Crime and Punishment, a long time ago in High School. However the Character Selector for Crime and punishment(scroll all the way down after submitting. you don't have to sing up) informs me that I am:
Dmitri Prokofich Razumikhin

Dmitri Prokofich Razumikhin (Дмитрий Прокофьич Разумихин) - Raskolnikov's loyal and only friend. In terms of Razumikhin's contribution to Dostoevsky's anti-radical thematics, he is intended to represent something of a reconciliation of the pervasive thematic conflict between faith and reason. The fact that his name means reason shows Dostoevsky's desire to employ this faculty as a foundational basis for his Christian faith in God.
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