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It that like licorice?  There used to be a German grocer by me, and they had a whole aisle of strange European licorice candy.  There were these salty, kitty-cat shaped ones...  strange stuff.  

Swedish fish in the States are red and this intensely sweet flavor.  They are addictive.  Something about the texture and the flavor made me reel when I was a kid.  On rare occasions my mother would let me pick out some candy if we were out shopping, and I always got Swedish fish.  Now you can buy them anywhere, but back then, the only place I saw them was at the shopping mall where they had candy in bulk, scooped it out and weighed it for you, like in the olden days.  I think that's what made it a special treat.  

It looks like their slogan is "A Friend You Can EatTM" LOL!

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by poemless on Fri Feb 27th, 2009 at 03:11:35 PM EST
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