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What you've done is shown that Serbs are convicted more often than you'd expect in random experiments.

What I've done is shown that Serbs are convicted more often than in other real life cases where the victor uses 'justice' to convict and discredit the losing side. I'm not even talking about war crimes committed by the victors... which are sure to never be brought to justice.

Possibly Serbs did commit more war crimes than the others.

Do you think that Serbs are genetically more prone to commit atrocities than other groups engaged in warfare? I don't, but that's precisely what MSM and many Western governments that actively participated in the country's dismemberment want you to believe.

This is the reason I listed all those Western wars with staggering numbers of civilian casualties in Upstate NY's diary on humanitarian intervention.

Maybe Serbs are less likely to testify or bring evidence to the tribunal against others, making it harder to convict them.

I don't think so. Just take a look at what happened to Carla del Ponte when she published her book alleging that the Kosovo Albanians engaged in a commerce of organs extracted their Serb victims (POWs and kidnapped civilians). She was not-so-elegantly told to shut up and move on.

Serbs have been active in requesting international arrest warrants of suspected war criminals. But politics always has the upper hand.

by vladimir on Mon Mar 16th, 2009 at 05:00:52 AM EST
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