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Since Vladimir mentioned the loss of personal land and property by Serbian side, referring I suppose to those who fled from the territory of Krajina, I am not sure if he is aware that, this year Croatian government will buy 2144 flats for Serbs who want to return to Croatia that finishes the number of 8400 that were bought till now. The state have land registers of people who owned the houses and flats or who had 'stanarsko pravo' - the right to rent flats at very low prices so all of those who had their rights before and want to return will get their flats. Now the question is, if so many families returned, they obviously do not feel threatened. But where are those so many that are missing to complete Vladimir's statistics and are not willing to return offered new flats? (I have to say that we are in crisis and that people protest because Serbs have priority for flats because one of conditions Croatia signed to enter EU is 'peaceful reintegration'. That sometimes means that Croats who are left without their flats have to wait and also now the government will not have the money for paying salaries and pensions)
by SteelLady on Wed Mar 18th, 2009 at 06:28:28 PM EST
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