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Of course it's biased. Look at the judges - 90% of them are from NATO countries.

Of course it's biased. Courts are ALWAYS biased to reflect political orientations. From the Inquisition to modern day Italy (where Berlusconi has completely fucked up the legal system for his personal benefit).

Of course it's biased. The ITCY will never bring to trial those who ordered and executed NATO bombings against civilian targets in Serbia - against the Geneva convention and without UN approval.

Of course it's biased. Whereas a large portion of the Serb political and military LEADERSHIP has been indicted and convicted (or died in the process of), the same treatment was NEVER applied to Croats, Albanians or Muslims.

Of course it's biased. The ratio of indicted and convicted to civilian casualties from the 4 ethnic and/or religious groups STRONGLY SUGGEST that Serbs are getting the most severe treatment...

I completed a statistical analysis to test whether the difference between the means of the Serb data set and the non Serb data set was significant. The results indicated that, indeed, the means were significantly different with a 95% confidence interval.

Jake and Migeru have criticized this that and the other assumption, indicator, test used, etc. to demonstrate that in fact... what? What is it that you want to demonstrate? That the ICTY isn't biased? Is that what you believe? If yes, can you offer evidence to back your claim?

by vladimir on Mon Mar 16th, 2009 at 03:51:13 PM EST

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