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I don't know zilch about what you guys are talking about, but having spent 30 years in Hollywood, I understand graft, fuck ups, corruption, coke, whores, cost overruns, lies, frauds, egos, super-rich, fake loans, fake assets, fake money, etc. so I get the general idea.

When I left Credit Lyonnais in 1985 it was because I'd seen the bank being conned out of tens of millions by a couple of mafiosi, and since I wasn't in a position to persuade anyone of that fact, I bailed out. That's also why we left the US in 2005. A country being run by the joined intellects of Tony Soprano and Sauron isn't the ideal place if you want to enjoy your golden years in peace.

Without being 100% in agreement with Kunstler and others like him, I've been saying for a while that we're headed for a global collapse/transformative decade.

I believe that most of the concerns I see discussed in this thread will pale before far more important concerns which are/will be: food, shelter, transportation and security.

Our local rag LA DEPECHE DU MIDI had its front page today about people starting to grow food in their gardens, and last week about modern-day Robin Hoods stealing food from supermarkets to give to the poor.

The times, they're a-changin'.


by Lupin on Mon Mar 23rd, 2009 at 12:40:38 PM EST

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