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Here's a variation on the nationalisation theme.

Open Treasury Branches all over the place and have them issue credits interest-free.

This issue would be managed by service-providers-formerly-known-as-Banks within parameters set by local communities, within area and regional policy frameworks.

Then collect from sellers and buyers generally (who rely on this credit for their working capital) a "guarantee charge" which is pooled, and from which the service provider is paid. Some of this could go into area and regional pools by way of reinsurance.

Long term credit in relation to completed productive assets is another story.....that's where service providers bring together investors with unitised investments.

Interesting historical touch in Alberta.....

ATB Financial - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

ATB was created by the first Social Credit ministry under William Aberhart in 1938, after earlier attempts to place Alberta's banks under the provincial government's control were thwarted by the federal government. The first Alberta Treasury Branch was opened in Rocky Mountain House on September 29 of that year. ATB is the most significant surviving remnant of social credit economic policies in Alberta.

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