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Power's new guidelines will not encourage the likes of the KLA in other countries
has already been noted in regard to the KLA itself. Whether their strategy was to provoke a drastic over-reaction from Beograd and thus provoke an international respose in KLA's favor. Though I haven't read this anywhere, it's my thinking that it is precisely this which forms the foundation of Russia's and China's reservervations over R2P, given their internal ethnic group problems. No stretch of the imagination there, and their point is well taken.

Part of the problem with my research is that I'm largely restricted to publicly available documents and much of that is either useless or misleading. It's either that or pony up for things like The Kosovo Report, which runs $95 US, with no guarantees on its intellectual rigor. Also, my stack of books-awaiting remains over 2 feet high as it is. I do the best I can, but donors for my little year long research project here are as yet unforthcoming.

Come back on April 6th, when I'll be going on at length on politicization in the genocide debate.

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