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If you've studied writing then you should be familiar with the concept of "voice". I'm certain I'm preaching to the choir here, but that's the closest analog I can think of.

There's always a way of expression that differs from the suburban/working class background I come from. One of the most disconcerting interactions I've ever gone through (many times) is in dealing with the wealthier, prep-school males living right here north of Boston. Without exception, whenever I have spoken with them, I am subject to a blatant stare, as if I'm being sized up apart from what I say. I find it impossible to interpret, and hard to describe. That's the sort of the thing I refer to here.

With Jerome, there's a certain flatness (though I got his "I'm a banker and not all of us f*cked up" right off the bat). Idiom plays a part, I suppose.

"It Can't Be Just About Us"
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by papicek (papi_cek_at_hotmail_dot_com) on Tue Apr 21st, 2009 at 11:46:12 AM EST
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