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European Tribune - Don't expect rationality from Americans
I find it fascinating in light of the fact that Lisbon failed in Ireland where "traditional" values hold sway over rational empiricism, even more so than in the United States.

I find this statement very counter-intuitive in that, in my view, Ireland has changed more in the past 20 years than any other country I know.  I haven't the time at the moment to consult the world values survey on which the statement is presumably based, but if I get the time I may do so.

Having said that, I am extremely sceptical of "modernization" theories and am not sure I could buy into the theoretical framework the "empirical" study is allegedly based on.

Is the reference to the rejection of Lisbon reference also based on that study?  If so the authors are in for a rude shock, because if current surveys are correct, Lisbon will be passed by at least a 60:40 margin if a second referendum is held - without necessitating or presuming any change in the underlying value systems.

Modernization theory is as dubious in sociology as neo-lib economics is in economics.  It reflects the values of its authors more than it provides any interesting insights into the societies in purports to study...  (But that's just my dogmatic assertion based on previous encounters with that sort of theorising...)

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