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It's an interesting thought. Rwanda is one of the most densely populated countries in Africa, though I find the political/historical/ethnic explanations more convincing. At times, though, massive amounts of people fled the country due to spasms of violence. At least one country, Uganda, didn't want them and expelled them back into Rwanda. Burundi, and the DRC now have sizable Rwandan refugee populations (mostly Hutu), which contribute to the violence and complicate conflict in the region.

I have come across reports concerning the conflict in the DRC: Rwandan business elites in Kigali are putting militia over the border in order to extract coltran, a mineral from which tantalum is extracted (here and here, for instance). It is claimed that significant exports of Congolese coltran come from Kigali.

In all my reading on the topic of the genocide, I never came across a malthusian explanation. A component? Perhaps.

Carla Del Ponte rejects explanations of social and economic stress as the cause of genocide and crimes against humanity. To her, leaders who whip up the passions of bigotry and hatred are the movers. Certainly, both Rwanda and the FRY tend to bear her out on this.

However the reverse is almost certainly true: conflicts create humanitarian disasters.

But...make your case. I'll listen.

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