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have a full subscription to SCIENCE, and we read, and re-read the article in our bath,last week, and macerated its strange reasoning in my head. But the pictures of this cover story were great.

BTW, the article is ominous about the fate of West Antarctica:"INHERENTLY UNSTABLE" (first sentence of the article!).

Then I looked at the pretty pictures, and looked again, and looked on the side, where East Antarctica, most of Antartica, is found. How interesting.

There I saw a positively enormous area where the icecap bottom is LOWER than 200 METERS BELOW SEA LEVEL.Yes 200 meters below! Imagine the disaster when warm water is going to slip below that...

Thus, if anything, I found the conclusions scarier than ever. I want to see an article incorporating all what can blow up in a flash of steam in EASTERN ANTARCTICA. Now. Methinks it's got to be of the order of twenty meters of seal level rise, just looking at it.

So thank you science, thank you lord, and let's be real nomads, and run for the hills!

A bad emotion reinforced by a little bit of the wrong knowledge often spells disaster.


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by Patrice Ayme on Sat May 23rd, 2009 at 04:43:38 PM EST

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