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I agree with Engdahl in one sense and that is that the US $ hegemony and days of empire are over. To use a UK political analogy, we have just gone from a majority government/ elective dictatorship to a minority government requiring a different approach and skills.

But that is not to say that the US may not in future be first among equals. In my view, we will in the next few years see an entirely different networked and disintermediated global economy emerging.

I think that it is possible that the US still has the resources in intellectual capital and other resources to lead the necessary transition from the military-industrial/carbon energy economy to a knowledge /renewable energy economy.

"The future is already here -- it's just not very evenly distributed" William Gibson

by ChrisCook (cojockathotmaildotcom) on Fri May 29th, 2009 at 08:36:57 PM EST
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