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First of all, as one individual American, let me apologize for what we did as a country to Serbia.

As I stated, I was married to a Russian for eight years.  She was extremely critical of Serbians crying "Slavic Brotherhood" after years of defying the Soviet Union but there was still an understanding of average Serbs and their point of view.  We, the US, absoloutely ignored that.

She was also critical of the Polish side of my family calling Poles the "prostitutes of Europe".  But she was half Tartar and half Russian, so what do you expect?

Unfortunately, I no longer have home or family back in the US.  What I have is here in Europe.  If I went back, I would be there with a suitcase at the airport and then what?  On the street I imagine.

I guess if my dreams fail here in the EU, I could probably look toward Costa Rica, at least the have great surfing.

"Schiller sprach zu Goethe, Steck in dem Arsch die Flöte! Goethe sagte zu Schiller, Mein Arsch ist kein Triller!"

by Jeffersonian Democrat (rzg6f@virginia.edu) on Sat May 30th, 2009 at 09:17:18 AM EST
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