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BTW, outside the Legion, thought of becoming a priest to teach as well.  My faith isn't that strong but have been celibate for over a year.  

Now if you are exploring possibilities...
I've got an e-mail this morning that is telling about German welfare system lately that is saying something like this:


Women that refused job of the prostitute is in danger to lose her welfare payment

Because prostitution in Germany is legalized , and brothel owners are paying tax and health insurance for their employees , prostitution has become job as any other and is listed in the data base for people that are looking for a job.
BERLIN-If you are unemployed women and you live in Germany, then you have to take ANY job offered to you by employment agency.If you refuse job you will lose your welfare payment.
Just this could happen to 25 years old unemployed waitress from Berlin that refused job of the prostitute!
Actually from 1 January , when this package of social reforms named Hartz IV,  started to be applied those people who refuse job will be taken of the list for welfare payments.
Having in mind that prostitution has been legalized two years ago (here in Australia too by the way - vbo) and owners of the brothels are paying tax and health insurance for their employees , prostitution is a job like any other and is listed in data base for those looking for a job -" Sunday Telegraph" is writhing and many other media also are talking about it.
Waitress, that is actually IT professional, have listed in her CV that she is willing to work in a bar because she had some experience as waitress working in a cafe some time ago(probably woman disparate to find any job - vbo).
Recently she received a latter from employment agency telling her that one "employer" is interested for her so she could call him.When she called his number she realised that she is talking to brothel owner.  
   According to reforms that are legislation now , every woman under 55 years of age, and is without job for more then one year, can be forced to accept any job offered, including one in sex industry or will lose social beneffits.
   German government contemplated possibility to exclude job at the brothel for moral reasons but they abounded the idea beacuse it will be hard to distinguish brothels from bars.
   According to this, employment agencies must treat equally those who are looking for prostitutes as those who are looking for waitresses or nurses.
When this waitress decided to sue this employment agency she she found out that they worked in accordance to law.If the agency decided not to take person off the welfare than they can be sued by employer.
  "There is not one paragraph in the law that wood counteract women to be "recruited" for work in sex industry" said Merchthild Garweg , lawyer from Hamburg specialized in this kind of cases and added: "New rules state that work in a sex industry is not immoral any more and job as it is can't be refused without losing social welfare payment".

Now please tell me this is a big JOKE !!!

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by vbo on Sat May 30th, 2009 at 09:58:52 PM EST
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