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Video of Greens pushing back Hezbollah
Robert Fisk was quoted upthread by Sassafra saying:
Now for the very latest on the fantasy circuit. The cruel "Iranian" cops aren't Iranian at all. They are members of Lebanon's Hizbollah militia. I've had this one from two reporters, three phone callers (one from Lebanon) and a British politician. I've tried to talk to the cops. They cannot understand Arabic. They don't even look like Arabs, let alone Lebanese. The reality is that many of these street thugs have been brought in from Baluch areas and Zobal province, close to the Afghan border. Even more are Iranian Azeris. Their accents sound as strange to Tehranis as would a Belfast accent to a Cornishman hearing it for the first time.
Now, it is  possible that 1) it really is "Hezbollah" fighting the greens; but that 2) the Hezbollahis fighting in Tehran have been brought in from remote regions of iran; 3) Hezbollah of Lebanon has nothing to do with the counterinsurgency going on in Iran.

See Wikipedia: Hezbollah of Iran

The Hezbollah (HizbAllah) or Party of God, is an Iranian movement formed at the time of the Iranian Revolution to assist the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and his forces in consolidating power. Hezbollah is/was not a tightly structured independent organisation, but more a movement of loosely bound groups, usually centered around a mosque, whose "members" are referred to as Hezbollahi,[1] and who "generally act without meaningful police restraint or fear of persecution."[2]


Once political challenges to the regime had died down Hezbollahi attacks expanded to include a wide variety of activities found to be undesirable for "moral" or "cultural" reasons,[4] such as poor hijab, mixing of the sexes and consumption of alcohol.[5] Mojtaba Bigdeli is a spokesman for the Iranian Hezbollah.


Ansar-e Hezbollah was formed in 1995, [15] A 1997 Amnesty International report describes Ansar-e Hezbollah as an "offshoot" of Hezbollah. [16] and Middle East International describes it as the "vigilante associate" of Hezbollah.[17] Journalist Afshin Molavi describes them as "a small fringe group" with "perhaps 100 Tehran members at most," but with influence disproportionate to its numbers thanks to "links with police and security services and high-level conservative clerics." Ansar-e Hezbollah is known for its attacks against "popular Islamic philosopher" Abdol Karim Soroush.[18]

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My Iranian colleague told me that one of his nephews said he had been in a group which dragged a couple of Arabic - speaking "Basiji" off their motorbike, and they turned about to be cadet Hezbollahi from Lebanon who were in Iran for a training course.

Anecdotal, possibly apocryphal.

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