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This 2003 Iran protest?

North American media help Iran protests grow | SF Gate | 20 June 2003

Some experts call it a "media movement" or a "satellite revolution." But whatever the label, one thing is clear: A growing network of Iranian American media outlets -- from television to radio to Web sites -- is helping spark the student-led protests erupting in that Islamic nation.

The demonstrations would have occurred anyway, the experts say, but satellite networks like National Iranian Television and Radio Iran (both based in Los Angeles) are beaming programming that actively supports the demonstrators' cause into the country.

Web sites in the United States and Canada are also providing an important outlet for Iran's disaffected youth and dissident voices, many of whom are demanding that Tehran's clerical rulers step down or at least relax the social restrictions that have been imposed on Iranians for 20 years.

Through this media phalanx, the Iranian American community now has the collective power to influence what goes on in Iran -- a historical shift that alarms the Shiite mullahs who have ruled the country since 1979, said Abbas Milani, a visiting fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institution. ...

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