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A new government does not make the holocaust disappear

You indeed misunderstood me, but now I am beginning to understand what you were projecting here. You are claiming a continuity, without specifying clearly the continuity of what. Now it's about government. There was people, country and government so far; and in neither case was your original point made clear.

If you would want to say that the modern German state (and, through it, German taxpayers) should be responsible for the Holocaust in the form of damage paments and keeping up the memory, there would be no debate. If you say that "the Germans" committed the Holocaust, and connect that to something concerning the group of people alive today who are also described by "the Germans", that's not only silly, but ignores the entire post-war history of Germany. E.g., when you say:

The European delusion that one can draw a line somewhere in the 1950s and pretend that King Leopold and Herman Goering and Lord Lucan did not exist or that we do not in many senses live in the world that they made is not really morally supportable.

...that's as crude a mis-characterisation of European, but at the very least West German reality as it gets. We live on a continent very much aware of the past insanities, building structures and institutions and cultural mores meant to prevent a return to that. If you think a more inclusive modern Germany is an irony, you are denying history yourself.

I also wonder about the "middle-eastern-descended". The anti-semitism of the Nazis wasn't based on the geographic region in which (most) ancestors of modern Jews lived 1900 years earlier, and wasn't constrained to the domestic minority. It was a racism combined with grand conspiracy theories, with an ambirion to kill everyone in its reach. To boot, if we talk history, Turkey used to be an ally of Germany (of the Second Reich in WWI). Thus that connection to today's ethnic Turks in Germany seems rather forced.

I also failed to properly decode "bittereh gelehter".

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by DoDo on Sat Jun 27th, 2009 at 06:04:41 AM EST
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