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As for what others thought about the integratedness of Muslims in Germany; quoting myself from 2005:

One 2003 study (pdf!) counts 3,112,000 inhabitants with a Muslim cultural identity, of which 2,365,120 (76%) profess a Muslim religious identity, but only 309,000 (9.9%) are organised. Even in the year after 9/11 and up to the Iraq War, the number of Friday prayer attendants is just 464,000 (14.9%), and that of daily prayers in a mosque 185,000 (5.9%) - not dissimilar to similar numbers in the 'Christian' population! Prior to 9/11, weekly attendance was about 9%, but that was down from 22% measured in a study in the middle of the nineties (see towards the end here).

We discussed another study of Muslims in Germany in April 2008; some findings: 48% never studied at a Koran school, low numbers of mosque-goers, 46 years and older is the only generation in which more went are pro-headscarf than women.

A little less informative was the multi-country study afew analysed in Europe Overrun etc.

Not unrelated is a subthread of the Terrorist thread, discussing another aspect of integratedness: the decrease of fertility.

So, this study is NOT the first of its kind; it's more that in the last six years, the media paid more attention to the paranoid images of Islamofascism-monger Islamophobes than actual sociologists.

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