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UK is the size of one small Indian state as well as France. Why they occupy SC seat and dictate their often than not mischievous will to outside world?

Only because they were in the right place in the right time. After second world war UK courtesy US got SC permanent seat and France which was actually fascist vishist state was rewarded because US and UK thought by promoting de Gaulle they will diminish Soviet influence in UN.

So right now the outside world is crying for injustice committed by UN, its lack of legitimacy but Westerners continue hypocrisy. How on Earth UK and France two countries with meagre population and oversized banking systems which recently (in historical terms)emerged from caves and barbarity could dare to censure Sri Lanka for successful finish of terrorist organisation run by Prabhakaran and likes. Sri Lanka has many thousands of written history after all unlike above mentioned countries. That's why Indian PM Manmohan Singh recently lashed out at UN SC, G8 and G20, IMF etc and said these all organisation simply lack legitimacy.

It's time for French and British to face reality they cannot deceive the whole world for ever.

by FarEasterner on Wed Jul 15th, 2009 at 11:30:01 AM EST
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