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What I find ironic about this set of articles in the New York Times is that just last Sunday they had a "fashion" magazine in which EVERY SINGLE MODEL was a size zero skeleton with black eyes. It was disturbing to find so many photographs of truly distressed women in one place. Seriously, there was not even one out of the hundreds that had a shape remotely like a regular human female.


by asdf on Sun Aug 23rd, 2009 at 11:49:32 PM EST
Can't see the link, but I find the fashion shows morbid from many points of view.  

I was wondering if Melanchton was posting tongue-in-cheek because the nyt's sudden concern for 'third world' women is almost insulting.  Of course, it is assumed that US women are 'exceptionally' fine, as it is and need not be included, but also

  1.  It's promoted/paid/marketing for "Care", a multi-prong NGO that had questionable policies and strange funding connections years ago.

  2.  It promotes the authors' new book.

  3.  Gives the nyt a do-gooder image for all the sunday-only readers.

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by metavision on Mon Aug 24th, 2009 at 05:11:24 PM EST
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Maybe this link will help: Women's Fashion Fall 2009-5th Anniversary Issue

Not sure the reason for attacking the messenger, but I have seen lots of good reporting from the New York Times concerning issues in Africa. For example the article: In Niger, Trees and Crops Turn Back the Desert

Inspired me to write a couple of blog entries as well as some in my papers for school including: In Niger, Trees and Crops Turn Back the Desert, which was also posted here.

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by Ronald Rutherford (rdrradio1 -at- msn -dot- com) on Mon Aug 24th, 2009 at 05:46:04 PM EST
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