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A Swedish blogger has found out that the journalist who published the article in Aftonbladet apparently published essentially the same text in 2001 the book Inshallah, which was financed by among others, get this, the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

And not only that, financing was also obtained from Diakonia (90% financed with Swedish tax aid money) and Forum Syd (100 % financed with Swedish tax aid money). It seems the entire Swedish foreign aid industrial complex is deeply involved in this antisemitism affair, which really shouldn't surprise anyone as the oversight is extremely weak and the institutions populated by typical extreme left aged 1968-people.

But not only did this project recieve money from the then social democratic government, but also directly from different branches of the wealthy soc dem labour movement, namely:

    * Grafiska Fackförbundet (labour union of printers)
    * Grafiska Fackföreningen Stockholm ((labour union of printers, Stockholm)
    * Broderskapsrörelsen (Christian soc dems, though in recent years seems to be mainly a front for anti-israeli and pro-islamic influence, like arguing for sharia law for muslims IIRC)
    * TCO (labour union of mid level professionals)
    * Frikyrkliga Studieförbundet (more christian leftists)

Interestingly if unrelated, the right wing minister of foreign aid recently harshly critisiced the aid infustry for inefficiency and corruption, which was widely seen as the first step in a battle against this powerful and entrenched special interest group...    

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