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..Personal desires and wishes are dealt with according to cultural reference frames and proposals to change people's behaviour are done through ideas and not "facts on the ground" (like wars and violence).

Ideas cannot battle against "facts on the ground". If the facts on the ground give welfare to the thieves, it is not easy to tell people to be honest. If stealing is accepted by society, people steal more. You must change the facts on the ground, to not reward bad behaviour.

The question is how to to get there... And to get there we must understand human behaviour

Is there really a big "mystery" here about understanding human behaviour? Not all people are crooks, but there are a lot of them. By creating laws that don't reward crooks and thieves, we can create better societies to live. Whatever "being a human" in the end means or "what man wants?" are not questions that need to be answered. Only simple basic normal things. Give people liberty and reward from their labour, punish crooks and thieves etc.

by kjr63 on Sun Aug 30th, 2009 at 04:54:59 PM EST

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