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European Tribune - France's carbon tax ... a step forward? step to the side?
She argues a flat levy on fuel would hit low-income families disproportionately hard -- especially those in out-of-town areas who have no choice but to use cars -- without helping to develop clean alternatives.

Where have I heard this plaintive cry before?  Oh yes, last summer, when gasoline price rose so fast and high.  And at the time, I was very sympathetic to those complaints about how the less well-off and more car & truck dependent were suffering.

But amazingly, despite the initial furor, people somehow adjusted.  At least, so it seemed, as the furor appeared to go down before gas prices did.  (Or did the media just get sick of covering all the whining?)

Too bad gasoline prices did not remain so high.  Or rather, too bad the U.S. government at the time did not impose a gradually increasing gasoline tax (like Fillon's proposal) to take advantage of what adjustments people had already made to the higher prices.

But hey, if Royal's and Aubry's political opportunism is making the UMP close ranks to pass what seems to be a very good piece of legislation, tant pis.  Kudos to Fillon and the UMP for introducing it.

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by marco on Thu Sep 3rd, 2009 at 02:22:55 AM EST
By the way, not sure that "very good" is descriptor even while "good" looks to be relevant/appropriate.

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