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So which Greens do you think about? In general or some specific countries?
I remember a slogan of the german greens some decades ago: "Weder rechts noch links sondern vorn" (Neither right nor left but in front)
And I agree that also in Germany the Greens have too much childlike trust in the market. But the alternative of having a state-planned economy isn't an attractive solution either.
But it's so hard to argue against the brainwashing taking place all over the world day for day that without growth economy collapses. See my first diary on Ponzi economics.
OTOH I'm not sure whether it makes sense to measure all political and economic viewpoints in a single left to right dimension. Perhaps it's even a circle. What's the big difference between Hitler and Stalin?

Cheers, harnoes

Make it as simple as possible but not simpler (Albert Einstein)

by harnoes on Wed Sep 30th, 2009 at 03:33:05 PM EST
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