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Yep, that's the first of three films.

Mit Liselotte Pulver in der weiblichen Hauptrolle wurde der Film ein Sensationserfolg. Diesem folgten dann noch die Filme Das Spukschloss im Spessart (1960) und Herrliche Zeiten im Spessart (1967) ebenfalls mit Liselotte Pulver. Diese Filme waren nicht mehr an die Motive von Wilhelm Hauff angelehnt.

I saw all of them, but that was up to 20 years ago; the book was more than 15 years ago too, and I don't remember a single plot element. I do recall that the bed-warmer was a nice maid some guest finds in his or her room, but can't tell if (a) I read it, (b) it was an intro for the Liselotte Pulver character in the movies, (c) it was a supporting role in the movies.

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