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Are you claiming that from an inspiration POV, ... the 20k observatory in Wales may be at least as inspiring ... as the Hubble pictures is a way of selling astronomy? To me it sounds like a perfect populist argument to kill the Hubble Space Telescope. The 20k observatory in Wales is not capable of contributing to the advancement of astrophysics like the HST is (which is why the HST was built - if astronomy research could be done on 20k don't you think astronomers would do it? Are professional astronomers that stupid?).

As a PR person, how would you spin this to encourage people to support the development of powerful research telescopes rather than not? Because this doesn't seem to me to be it.

Do you not care what the effect of your PR pronouncements may be on science policy? Or do you actually believe that the HST billions were mis-spent?

There is a tendency of science to become increasingly monolithic - until the appearance of the paradigm-changing theorem that sends all previous knowledge to the back of the bike sheds.

This is a myth - actually a very damaging one. The paradigm-changing result doesn't consign the previous knowledge to the scrap-heap of history.

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