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And where exactly are these people 'a little versed in astronomy'?

Huh? All around the world... There are LOTS of amateurs and interested, some as serious as the maker of those photos, some just visiting public observatories now and then, some just buying books or reading an article or two. You may not have met such people yourself in the media world, but it is pretty widespread.

I can present billions of people

Will billions of people bother to look even at the photographs in your link? Methinks some selection works there already.

know the existence of the universe through photographs they have seen.

Photograph vs. visual is not the point. That the brightest stellar objects visible from the mid latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere are the most observed doesn't just mean that most serious amateurs are likely to have observed them, but also that photos of those objects are most likely to end up as illustration in books and articles.

Where I disagree with many here at ET is in how to 'sell' different ways of  thinking.

What new way of thinking is to be sold with these photos exactly?

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by DoDo on Sun Jan 24th, 2010 at 03:12:00 AM EST
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