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Helen wrote:

But do not for a minute underestimate the reality that women live in an entirely different culture to men. We all imagine that, because we live in the same country, work in the same places, watch the same TV that we have the same culture. We don't, they exist side by side, inhabiting the same physical space yet, for most men (particularly men) and quite a lot of women, almost never really interacting.

Agreed. There are things I (A man) wouldn't ever talk about with my wife or another woman. I imagine the womans world has similar taboos.
And whats the result? A lot of stuff in the media about men women read and see is just BS.
Also there is the geographical difference. As mentioned before American women seem to be body hair crazy. That`s different in Germany. Even if perhaps some young girls and women start to imitate this crazyness now. I read about that recently. Don't have any daughters.
I also never heard this thing about lesbian Birkenstocks ...
Finally a dress code experience. I'm more the jeans type and wear a suit and tie only when absolutely necessary.
So once in a while mostly women find that inappropriate. In this case they normally tell that to my wife or mother in law :-)

Schau in mich, Harno

Make it as simple as possible but not simpler (Albert Einstein)

by harnoes on Sun Jan 31st, 2010 at 04:14:29 PM EST
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