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Yes, the bra is the Western equivalent of the burka. (It would seem to follow that make-up is the Western analog of the hijab.)

Today, ban the burka. Tomorrow, give the legal right to women to go anywhere without wearing a bra.

And, so as not to level everything, and to keep in mind distinctions between degrees of oppression: since the burka is significantly more barbaric and oppressive than the bra (the burka treats the whole of a woman's body as an object of shame, whereas Western underwear singles out the naughty bits), there should be no choice to wear the burka, but women should have the choice as to whether to go around wearing a bra or not.

So whereas I disagree with your apparent conclusion as to what should be the policy with respect to non-Western oppressive women's garb, I thank you for this much-needed commentary on the social function of lingerie.

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by Alexander on Wed Feb 3rd, 2010 at 06:51:56 AM EST

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