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As far as I understand, this is a political blog, not a "raising of your consciousness" blog, or a "how to improve your relationship with your significant other" blog.

So you don't believe communication has anything to do with politics?  or is it communicating with women in particular you believe should be confined to consciousness-raising and relationships?

I've had respectful conversations with many of the men in this thread, pointing out that they were missing the point, and they've respectfully accepted that.

You, on the other hand, are not communicating with me.  You've dismissed most of what I've written as not making sense to you.  You haven't accepted my explanations.  

You seem to be insisting I should debate what you want me to debate, and not the subject I'm addressing.  When this is pointed out, you criticize my topic, the way I wrote about it, and the examples I used to illustrate it.

Further, you've all but said the topic has no place on this blog for which, if you'll glance to that little box on the right side of your screen, you may have noted that I'm a writer.

You refuse to acknowledge any nuance, framing things in black and white and, astonishingly, manage to violate godwin's law (never thought THAT would come up in this one...), jump to conclusions, tell me what I believe, make assumptions about me and my views, label me in a derogatory fashion, and dismiss me as merely making noise.  

You've talked past and ignored damned near everything I've said, then accuse ME of using language not to communicate, implying bad motives since I'm doing it in a "perverse" way (albeit "my own," so thanks for the token nod to my style).  Do you mind if next time this topic of communication comes up, I use your comments as Exhibit A?

Oh, and any time you'd like to have a civil discussion about the topic at hand, I'm right here.  I really would like to hear your answer to my first question in this comment.

Maybe we can eventually make language a complete impediment to understanding. -Hobbes

by Izzy (izzy at eurotrib dot com) on Thu Feb 4th, 2010 at 01:10:24 AM EST
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