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You are quite right that a detailed position on productivism is a more complex issue, one that I didn't think I could entirely address.

I think you actually do it very well, which is why I didn't comment on that part ;-P

I particularly liked this bit (my emphasis):

Chasing a higher production level is pushing through some very unpleasant choices. The environment is badly stretched. Workers are put through enormous pressure. We are taught to behave as individualists. Whole cities are turned into artificial attraction parks. Workdays are long, and often involve very long commute, because jobs don't last as long these days so it's difficult to make sure you live close to work.

And for what? Well, I'm not too sure. More toys, probably. [...] Most of us at ET feel that "more toys" is not such a great prospect as to be willing to sacrifice everything for it.

The only thing I'd change would be to make a clearer distinction between the first three paragraphs in the middle section, which are technical problems with GDPism, and the last three paragraphs of the same section, which are ideological charges against productivism.

- Jake

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