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That's probably the only chance...That happened here. Howard (conservatives) made "work choices" law that striped workers from their rights. They lost next election simply because of it. Labour came in power and wiped it off. They needed (and had) good majority to be able to do that. Conservatives now swear that "work choices" are "dead, cremated and gone" but people do not believe them. Labour in the main time had to face financial crises, and striped us of some minor benefits silently...PM Rudd was very popular but when he wanted to introduce mining tax (for the rich) his own party stubbed him on the back. Because of it we now have hung parliament and luckily Labour was able to take some independents on its side and form very fragile government.
Interesting times here in Australia...and we are lucky that financial crisis did not scar us so bad for now.
Interesting times we are living in...Unfortunately, haha

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by vbo on Sun Oct 31st, 2010 at 12:12:18 AM EST

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